Die Krauts - Lichtgestalten
1993  The hour of birth from the Krauts.It began in a small backyard near Frankfurt. The first Krauts-lightobjects were build there with a very scanty range of tools, but it was enough to realize our visions.

1996 Meanwhile we had enough orders to put more investitions in tools and professional machines. They opened us essential better and varied possibilities.

1998 The Krauts-workshop which was meanwhile riped to a full professional creative forge, didn't leave any wishes open. The experience which we had won, pushed us incessant forward und should be gold for our future. Higher, faster and further was the device.

1999 was the big start from our old workshop in Offenbach to a huge farm, the Sensfelder Hof in Weiterstadt/Gräfenhausen, between Frankfurt and Darmstadt. Now all premises conditions are given (1000 m² workshop, 200m² office and showroom and 1000m² warehouse), to start rightly up. All our dreaming experience would be realized.

2001 was the year of orientation. We forged months for months on a concept for the future which promissed a lot of work, fun and big success. The preparations to the realization of the concept were running on full power and our euphoria didn't know any bounds.

2002 the time of brainstorming and preparations was over and now it started. We changed everything. We created new websites, printed a new catalouge, all light-objects were reworked and confirmed to the security standards, packings developed and a lot of doings more , to prepare the Krauts to make acquaintance with the rest of the world.

The Krauts sales representative was born. The first chosen retailers took our light objects in their stores and after a very short time we were successful. (We got all enthusiastic about that.) Our concept worked fine and our "baby" started walking. The big run to our objects satisfied us a lot and the Krauts-machine went on. From then on nothing could stop us.

2003 we made once more many invetitions to push the Krauts forward. We bought new machines, tested new technics (Laser,LED,and many more) and enlarged our productrange with the lightobjects "Meltau" and "Turbine". Both objects were already classics !

2004 The Krauts-creativ-department is still working on full power nonstop, because everbody know standstill ist the "death" ! We have much more ideas in our heads to surprise our customers and retailers and give them a great feeling with our nice light-objects. We have a lot of international feedback, so we are planning some appearances abroad.